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Monday, January 12, 2009

Gnat-ty Brains and other things

Yet another saying to add:

"As wide between the eyes as a gnat." This is in reference to someone's intelligence; or lack thereof. Hubby gave that to me this weekend.

Then, here's a saying my mother frequently quoted at meal times: "Done or raw, it'll chaw." Though hubby says his mom finished it by saying: "'ll do to chaw."

Dairy news:

We have had an influx of calves this past week or so. Three heifers and one little bull. Takes me a bit more time to get them all fed now, having to train 4 to the bottle all at once is kind of time consuming, though the little bull caught on straight off. But still, he's like the rest, slurp and then sling their heads around while the milk dribbles away before he figures out how to latch back on.

Hubby is keeping busy hauling hay for all the girls. They sure snarf it up fast.

Hubby has also busy with his other businesses. Yesterday he went over and fixed a guy's well pump; it'd been in there 35 years, so it was time for a replacement. Then he has been helping out one of the local fire departments, hauling gravel and such. He also is going to go dig a root cellar for a guy in Winchester Gap. He had another pump job to do, but they are waiting on the digger, plus yet another job was put on hold. He had been telling me all along that things will get slow in winter and pick up in spring. But if this is slow, then Katie bar the door come spring! Ha.

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