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Monday, January 5, 2009

Saturday Night Entertainment

Yesterday I didn't have the time to write about our Sat night experience. Here's the whole story.

Last weekend one of the neighbors called and wanted to buy some milk off of us because he had a family reunion for his wife's clan going on for New Year's Eve...all week in fact. He wanted fresh milk for them. So he came over and got some. All week as we drove by we could see all the cars and trucks out there. His wife is one of 11 (eleven) siblings and they said there were about 40 people there altogether. They have a big house, but still they said you wouldn't want to be a sleepwalker, as folks were spread out all over the floors.

This Saturday evening he called again and said they needed more milk. So hubby said come on. Neighbor said, "WE'll be right over." Hubby told me; "I hope he's not bringing a whole crew." (heh heh heh) Neighbor shows up and brings about 4 additional adults in with him. I took one gal out with me to bottle feed the calves. While we are out doing that one of the guys hops in the van and takes off. I wonder what's going on, but later as I am back in helping hubby get the last batch going we see the headlights coming back. We are working away when directly we look behind us and there is a whole crew of adults and kids outside the windows looking in. I just laughed. Hubby, who is a gracious host-even if he does pretend reluctance-had them all come in after he got the cows in and settled down. Once they were all in he asked; "How many head you got here?" Ha. Turns out there were about 17 people in the barn at once, an all time record! Most of them were kids-there were about 6 adults. We answered all their questions and let them put their fingers in the milkers to feel the vacuum...etc. When we were done they went outside and looked at the calves (we were afraid they'd spook them to jump over the fence, but they didn't) before they left. It took them two loads to get everyone back where they started from.

They were all well behaved and surprisingly enough didn't make any notable comments. My sister-in-law's comment when she first stepped into the barn was; "Pew, it stinks in here." A comment which left us in stitches-later after she'd left-and now lives in infamy. We still say it to each other on occasion and laugh. What do you expect the "ladies room" to smell like? Roses? Ha ha ha! We had one of our former renters teens come in and ask hubby if we really drink "that stuff." Heh.

Anyway. Hubby figured that the neighbors were so bored with each other after a week of togetherness during their reunion that a trip to a dairy was in order for Saturday night entertainment.


jel said...

if we knew ya gave tours we would have signed up fur one! ;)

oh and was it TS'S bunch?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is a therapy that involves suction cups being placed on the skin to suck it up? Maybe you could do a sideline with the milking machines. :D

Calfkeeper said...

Jel-no it was JN's bunch...otherwise known as ummm...Papa Chuck. He does the ice cream truck in Buffalo in good you know who he is?

Solomon-Hey, that's a great idea! Ozark Suction Therapy! I like it. hahaha...

jel said...

feard not !