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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK, this pic was from a forward. It's from a series of pictures taken in Switzerland. Just looking at it makes me feel cold. It reminds me of what we went through here 2 years ago during the ice storms. That will forever be engrained in my memory.

The temps have been really erratic here, but at least it has been dry. Tonight it's supposed to get below zero. I don't do my 4-wheeler runs up the road when it dips below 15 degrees or so; too cold. Hubby takes grain up there when he takes the hay. But it's cold for him on the tractor, too.

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Julie said...

We went from ten to twenty below zero to forty above today, with freezing rain last night, school canceled, the streets are very slippery, and all the snow and frost is gone from the trees. It has been beautiful if cold for weeks, now it's warmer and not so pretty. We need a new layer of snow.

Stay warm!