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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Snow and Ice

It started yesterday afternoon. We haven't got but just enough to slick down the roads and porch, but that's all it takes to be really annoying. It sleeted on me all the while I was doing chores. Thank goodness for insulated chore clothes.

I think I am starting to get cabin fever though. Last night something happened to make me giggle almost uncontrollably; even though it wasn't THAT funny.

We were in the final preparations to finish chores last night and were draining the milk vat into this little bucket that hubby pours into the bulk tank. Ellen, being her little 2 yr old self, was having a minor fit because there were no toys in the bottom of the stroller. She did what she normally does in these situations; she wails, "Dah-wee, Dah-wee" and gives her doll a fling onto the floor. Then she usually wails to get it back. This time she was strangely quiet after it landed, but I was busy at the time and didn't look for it.

Then 30 seconds later when I went to get the little bucket of milk to hand to hubby I saw dolly; she had made a perfect basket into the milk bucket and was staring up at me with her vacuous pink smile as the milk foam dripped onto her tummy. Ellen was sitting there sucking her thumb and contemplating her perfect aim. For some reason this just struck me as hilarious. I laughed and laughed.

Of course when we took dolly and rinsed her out in the wash vat, Ellen threw a MAJOR squall session, holding her breath and turning red...the whole bit. I handed the wet wrung-out dolly back to her and she quieted down. She went to hug it, but held it back at arms length and gave it the once-over, feeling it all over. Then she politely held it up to me and said; "All wet." She sat back and resumed sucking her thumb as though nothing happened.



Anonymous said...

Not to make light of cabin fever, but that does sound quite funny. Especially for a child to manage it.

jel said...

yep that was funny!

and yep i hear ya on the cabin fever, and that's bad when i get cause i love staying home! ;)

tell your sis~in~law to take ccare going to work!

Donna. W said...

It was funny to me! I'm glad the nasty weather went south of Kansas City!

Calfkeeper said...

haha. Yes, kids are always good for a laugh.

I wish the bad weather would have gone south of us too. But at least we didn't get any serious ice.

jel-sis in law is supposed to be headed out of the country this friday...hope she can make it.