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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sky High Cow Pie

OK. So it really isn't exactly "sky high", but it is pretty tall. These calves are standing on the scrapings from the holding lot by the barn. Hubby has scraped every last smidgen of this mountain of poo. It is, quite obviously, frozen solid, or else they wouldn't be able to stand on it. We got about 5 inches of snow on Tues, I think it was, so this pie actually looks pretty. Just wait until it thaws though. Ha.

Yesterday I went for a long walk down to the creek bottoms. I took a few pictures, but haven't put them on the computer yet. I will try to do that soon.

For now I will sign off.


Julie said...

Really can't say I am sorry I will not be there this spring when that thaws. Not even a little bit. will probably be spring for you way before we get spring here in Anchorage. Maybe I am sorry I won't be there...I would be so thrilled to have no snow and ice and cold I wouldn't even mind a giant pile of muck. Much.

insideoutput said...

"Sky High Cow Pie" sounds like a country song in there somewhere.

Amrita said...

another pile of hard work

Calfkeeper said...

Julie-yep. Snow and ice and cold are fun for the first day...then it's really, really tiresome and old.

DD-yes, maybe I ought to work on some lyrics. Or it could be a chocolate dessert.

Amrita-yes. And hubby won't let me do a scoop of it. That's how he can eat cake and ice cream every day and still lose weight!