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Friday, January 29, 2010


At the moment the snow is coming down in flurries, covering the porch and giving the mud a good whitewash. *sigh* Glad I went shopping when I did, yesterday.

During the last snowfall I took Ellen out walking several times. As I was out doing chores I was arrested by our sets of snow prints all over the place. Her little tracks right beside mine.

On this particular set the snow was pretty deep, for her anyway, and she insisted on holding my hand as we walked through it. It kind of gave me a pang to see these prints; a portrait of a little one holding on to her mama's hand to help her through the deep parts of life.

Sometimes I get frustrated because she can be so clingy, so needy. But I looked at the snow prints and was struck by the thought that soon she won't need to hold my hand, soon her prints will match mine. Soon she won't want me to come outside with her, she'll want to make her own prints all by herself.

It goes by all too fast, I know. Heaven help me, my oldest nephew will be 30 this year! La, how did that happen? I remember when he was born, it seemed like he'd never grow up.

Now Ellen will soon be 3, and I wonder what happened to the past 3 years. She grew and changed so fast.

Snow prints made me remember to try and treasure every moment with my daughter, because each one brings some infinitesimal change to her, to our relationship. Every print ought to have a memory attached, something to remember, even if it's inconsequential at the time. A walk in the snow is a timeless treasure.


Frau Guten Tag said...

yes, treasure each phase & enjoy the clingyness while you can!!

Unknown said...

You are a good Mom, Rebecca. Keep it up; Ellen will become an independent, strong, and godly young woman right under your nose. And she will come back to walk beside you and hold your hand because she wants to, for a visit. Cherish each stage and each moment. She does!

Calfkeeper said...

Frau-yeah, I try to enjoy every phase.

Deborah-thank you. I know you are right.