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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cross Cultural Cooking

How does a week manage to get by me without a blog posted? I dunno. It's not like I don't have anything to blog about. I guess I must be wasting too much time on Facebook. Last week one of my best friends from high school found me on FB and we have been writing back and forth. We lost touch a year or so after we graduated and I was so happy to hear from her I nearly cried. It's kind of weird how we crossed paths. She spent 10 yrs w/ her hubby and kid in Las Vegas, and I spent 12 yrs in Portland OR. Now here I am out in MO and now she is in Vancouver WA working in Portland OR, in the justice system, same as I did. Kind of freaky.


On to cooking.

One day last week I made this Thai Peanut stir fry recipe. I make it quite frequently, it's easy and good. But I used Italian meatballs in it instead of chicken. Then on Fri I wanted something quick to eat for lunch after I came home from shopping. So I heated up some of the leftovers of the stir-fry, wrapped it in a tortilla and put some salsa on it. So that's: Asian, Italian and Mexican...all in one meal. HA! It wasn't half bad actualyy. Weird, but good.

Yesterday I mixed up my own curry spice mix. I got the recipe out of Taste of Home magazine. (I toned down the chili pepper, though.) Then I made up this East Indian dish using the curry mix; chicken korma. It called for potato, onion, tomato, garlic, gingerroot and sour cream...along with the spices and salt. It was very good and it didn't even give hubby heartburn. I always know a dish is a success when he doesn't have to take Tums later on that night! HA!

Now I am going to try a whole bunch of other dishes using curry spices as seasoning. After else am I going to use up whole bottles of cumin, corriander and turmeric?

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glad it's just snow :)