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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well, I guess I blew NaBloPoMo

But, oh well. It wasn't wise to sign up for it this month anyway. I am just so burned out on computer stuff, anyway.

Let's see...what's been happening?

Not too much. We got a little bit of ice and snow, just barely enough to cover the ground, but still plenty to ice the roads up for 3 days or so, they cancelled school for the kids Mon-Thurs. It warmed up and is raining now. More ice on the way though.

This morning I had to catch a couple of the littlest heifers we have with the open heifer herd up in the winter pasture. This is always a challenge because the bigger ones usually chase the small ones out of the corral...meaning the little ones don't get anything to eat, and we have trouble catching them to bring them back to where they CAN get food.

It was pitch black when I went up there this morning to do this job. They weren't around the corral so I had to bang buckets on the bunks and holler for them. Then I heard them coming, and if I hadn't known what was coming, I would have high-tailed it out of there myself. Do you have any idea how frightening a herd of 27 half-grown bovine sound charging through a pitch black wood? Occasionally one would huff and snort. I thought that must be what Lewis Carol imagined the Jabberwock to sound like; a whole herd of huffing heifers rampaging through the woods.

Anyway. Once they got there I had to wait 'til the little ones came up, and through a bit of jostling I managed to get them into the corral. But then came the tricky part; I had to close the corral panels; there aren't any gates. One panel has to be hoisted over one of the feed bunks while at the same time the quarry has to be kept in the corral. You should have seen me scrambling back and forth over the bunk and shouting and shooing. All in the dark with just the 4-wheeler lights to illuminate the scene. Thank the Lord no cars went by. There are few truly dull moments around here.

Ellen is doing well. Today she started playing with her little fake cell phone in a new way; instead of just pushing the button to hear it ring she pushed it, listened to it ring, then held it to her ear and asked: "Heh-woh?" It was so cute.

If you ask her what her name is she still says; "Punk-kin" but she refers to the little girl in the mirror as "Eh-nen" and she did tell me when she was playing that "Eh-nen talk on phone." So she knows the difference.


Julie said...

I think I would have taken off even knowing it was a herd of half grown bovines coming through the pitch black!

Sounds like you had a much more interesting morning than me. I just hauled six sixth graders to a theater for a play. By sixth grade you pretty much just have to double check that everyone puts on a seat belt, you don't have to chase them down.

jel said...


Calfkeeper said...

Julie-I think I'd rather deal with bovines than 6th graders, I'm not THAT brave.


moe said...

Hi CK. I loved the Jabberwocky image. yep I got a little burnt out on the blog every November day thing TOO. (Doing it, not reading your I mean)& was astonished and impressed when I saw you were going for a 2nd month of it. It is the battle between "push your own limits! it is good for you!" and "Only do what you can do with joy", right?