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Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks for: Mondays

Mondays are as sure to come around as spring after winter, fall after summer, the sun after the moon.

You can count on them showing up pretty regular-like. They give you a new chance to begin again, to start anew as it were, to write something original on the slate of your life.

OK. So I am getting desperate. It is more difficult that I thought it would be to think up a new thing every day, something that isn't as obvious as the...well...obvious "I am thankful for" things.

Ellen is beginning to parrot everything we say, and to tell what has happened to her in her recent past. We are having to watch what we say closely. I think hubby was rather put out when she started saying "buttsy." She said it in front of his mom and he said darkly, "Well, she didn't learn it from me." *sigh* I just giggled inside but didn't say anything.

Then this morning I woke her up out in the barn after chores (she takes a nap out there during AM chores) and she was laying there ruminating it would seem. Suddenly she said; "Aunty working." I agreed that yes, Aunty was at work. Then she said; "Aunty, Pooh." Yes, Aunty shows you Pooh bear movies when you visit her (which is every night, pretty much. Then she said; "Aunty juice." Yes, Aunty gives you juice when you visit. THEN she says; "Aunty cream."


Aunty gives you ice cream?!

The proverbial cat was spilled from the bag and mewed loudly.


Kids do not keep secrets very well.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I bet she'll learn to keep her mouth shut soon enough. :D

jel said...

That 's funny!

Calfkeeper said...

Solomon-Or they will learn how to coach her on what not to say. Ha.

Jel-Yep, they'd better know she'll tattle. hehehe