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Monday, December 1, 2008

A Month of Being Thankful

NaBloPoMo theme for December is THANKS. So my first thankful post is for:


We got about an inch worth of "no accumulation" yesterday and last night. People in other climes might laugh at such a piddly amount, but to Ellen it was quite a big deal. Two new vocabulary words to work on: "white" and "snow." She didn't want to touch it, or taste it or anything too personal like that. She just wanted to look out the window at it and walk in it.

This morning as I was riding up the road in the semi-dark doing chores, snorting the snow out of nose as it blew in my face, and swiping it out of the feed bunks while trying to avoid being trampled by the cow critters, it occurred to me to wonder what there was about snow that I should be thankful for. Hmmmm....

*It rather makes me thankful for fall and spring weather. (There is very little that could make me thankful for summer weather in Missouri, except to be thankful for winter weather maybe, but that is for another post, perhaps.)

*Snow covers up all the dreary colors that winter weather creates.

*Snow sparkles in the sun.

*Only with snow can you create a snowman.

There. My first thankful post.


Solomon said...

Has Ellen built a snowman yet?

Calfkeeper said...

No, no snowman yet. The snow is now all gone. Besides, she isn't really impressed with it. She doesn't want to touch it yet. what a kid.