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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks for: Swapping Sites

Like and

The only trouble is the books or DVDs I want have a waiting list a mile long. So I either have to suck it up and wait or shell out the dough and actually buy the book or DVD.

Normally I don't bother with popular fiction, but I happened to run across "Wicked-the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" and I read it. And it was rather entertaining, even though I didn't really "get" the politics of the Oz that Gregory Maguire created. I have found the 3rd in the series, the Cowardly Lion's story, but I have yet to find "Son of a Witch" which is about Elphaba's (the WW of the W) son, Liir.

And because I find British TV series more interesting than US I'd like to get DVD sets of some of their series, like; Keeping up Appearances. Not to mention "The Tudors" or the complete Poirot set with David Suchet.

Well, I'll have to save up my credits and get on the waiting list.

Anyway, these sites are great for "free" entertainment.


Solomon said...

I've found that if you get hold of a set, you have a lot of people wanting it. So, you get the pick of what you want afterwards.

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-yes, this is true. It's best to deal with the popular stuff. There is a high turnover rate for all of it.