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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Redbone Coonhounds

Just out of curiosity, I Googled Redbones. They supposedly make a great pet, but like Dalmatians they are very energetic and need intensive training when younger. Wikipedia says they are great problem solvers, which can be an issue when they figure out how to get out of the fence or into the dog-proof garbage cans. They appear to be very attractive animals.

A note about raccoon-hunting. One of hubby's cousins likes to come here and hunt coons in fur season. Believe it or not (and this was something I didn't know 'til I came here) there is STILL a wild fur trade here in rural USA. Yet ANOTHER of hubby's cousins deals in furs. However, a year or two ago there was an article in some paper that we get and it stated that the fur trade is pretty much a losing business as far as making money is concerned.

The Redbone Coonhound is an American breed. It was developed in Georgia in the 1800s from Foxhounds and Bloodhounds. The name may come from an early breeder, Peter Redbone of Tennessee, though other breeders of note are Georgia F.L. Birdsong of Georgia (contemporary) and the 19th Century's Dr. Thomas Henry. Originally, the Redbone had a black saddleback, but by the beginning of the 1900s, they were a pure red tone.

Perhaps the best known fictional Redbones were Old Dan and Little Ann, featured in the children's classic story, Where the Red Fern Grows, a popular novel about two dogs and a boy's dream. (If you have never read this book, you ought to; but keep a hankie close, it's a tear-jerker.)


Solomon said...

That dog is really cute. But what do people do with raccoon fur? I can't see many elderly socialites wearing them as stoles somehow. LOL.

21094 said...

Hey CK! You should get yourself a couple of them thar heardin' dogs for when those heiffers go all Escape II on ya!
I remember the Red Fern book. It was a class read in 7th grade. It was so tedious reading along, I skipped ahead to finish it out. My classmates didn't know for a long time thereafter why I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face

Solomon Broad said...

Tag you're it!

You've been tagged for a meme. If you'd like to participate, the details are here.

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to reading your answers. :)

Amrita said...

sleek dog. Do people make hats with coon fur? There is one with the tail hanging at the back. I 'd love one, but would be too bashful to wear it the winter only

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-most of the wild fur in the USA goes overseas; I think the majority ends up in Russia.

amrita-I guess they still make coonskin hats, but most of it gets dyed and put into coats and such.