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Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Turkey

The turkey hunter was rained out yesterday, so we don't have a turkey to gut and butcher. For now I am just as glad, though I am always up for a new experience. It isn't so much the hacking up of a dead fowl that bugs me as it is the smell of the freshly killed carcass. My dad used to kill and butcher the odd chicken on occasion and it was always that newly killed smell that made me gross out. Anyway before the turkey hunter left he took a pickup load of fertilizer with him for his tomatoes. He spent about half hour out in the rain shoveling..umm, poop. The pile is out in the little heifer pen so he attracted an audience. They stood around the front of his pickup and sniffed the grill and gazed at him as he sweated and got thoroughly soaked. I would have taken a picture, because it was so funny looking to me, but I thought that would be testing the boundaries of friendship. He's a nice guy though.

Just for a photo to post here is Ellen, konked out in her carrier. Sleeping babies are so cute. We still put her in this to carry her out to the barn; I put the carrier in the stroller, then wheel her out. Then we put her in a playpen when she is out in the barn. In this particular pic I have put her in the carrier so she'd go to sleep and take a nap. She sucks her thumb and holds her dolly and goes to sleep.


Amrita said...

All this is so interesting and educational, ot like stuff you read on books.

I love Ellen 's photo. Happy Mother 's day

Unknown said...

Oh! Ellen is such an adorable little girl! You are so blessed! Happy Mother's Day! XOXO

Calfkeeper said...

Thanks gals! We think she's cute too!!