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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Country Sayings Post

Hubby has a talent for coming up with these as he thinks of them...usually in regards to a certain subject.

1) He's going to fly high and light low. (To be said of someone who's on a spending spree-he's flying high with his money now, but he'll light low eventually when it's gone.)

2) He's got the wrong sow by the ear. (To have made a mistake, as in: we got a call yesterday from someone who was wanting to know why hubby hadn't shown up with his skid-loader to help her out...well, she had called the wrong number.)

3) He's got to lick that calf over. (To have done a poor job at something and have to do it over again.)

Then there are the "poor" sayings. Here in the Ozarks to be "poor" also means to be thin, or skinny. That's what most of these are referring to.

4)Poor as a snake.

5) Poor as owl poop.

6) So poor you could do your washing on his ribs.

7) So poor you could hang your hat on his hip bone.

8) He looks like the tail-end of hard times.


moe said...

Oh I REALLY like #2, 3, and 5. #2 is especially funny because if you managed to use it about somebody else then it would sort of be trash talking or a slam. I'm going to try to use these at work.

Do you think there are "city sayings" ? What would they be?

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I think your Hubby and my Hubby should get together and exchange country sayings! LOL! My Hubby is always coming out with these sayings that really, really impress me...and sometimes make me laugh at the same time!

BTW, did you say you guys are in the Ozarks!?!?! I went to the Ozarks a few years ago. LOVED it there! Beautiful, special place!!!

BTW, there's a little shout out for you on my blog! ;)

Calfkeeper said...

moe-ha...tell me how everyone at work likes them when you try them out. I like number 3 myself.

c-hey, thanks for the shout. I appreciate it. Your new layout is very nice. I am trying to change mine as well, but can't find anything I like. Don't have much time to fiddle with it.

Amrita said...

Brilliant CK.

I love the way country folk describe thir feelings