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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fat Tuesday

(OK they have changed blogger around since last I was here, I hope this works.)

I have joined The Lumberjack's Wife this month of May in her Fat Tuesday program.

Click here: Fat Tuesday, for the link to her blog, and if it seems good unto you, you can join too! The more the merrier, yes?

My health goals for this months are:

1) Walk. As in every day. For at least half hour, if not much, much longer.

You should be proud of me. Walking in backwoods Missouri is fraught with many dangers...stray hunters not the least. You just never know when a turkey hunter may show up on your back 40 somewhere. (Thus there will be no potty breaks behind bushes.)

My walking areas generally consist of cow pastures. (Dairy Daze, you know, life on the dairy and all that jazz.) Cow pastures in spring are filled with ticks, chiggers (yes, they are out early this year, I am scratching a couple of bites as I type), and wandering snakes. Though copperheads are generally nocturnal, such knowledge isn't terribly comforting.

Today on my walk I was distracted by a small alligator snapping turtle. They aren't dangerous, but are fun to watch. When you approach them turn around and stick their butts up in the air at you. I suppose they think a predator will attack their behinds instead of their heads. And...

What? Oh, I guess should come up with more goals.

2) Avoid sugar.

Heaven help me. I have already given up coffee as of last July. And I have given up chips and soda as of about 3 months ago, I forget exactly when. But sugar is my main pitfall. It is just found in SO many things. And I like it so much. Argh!

3) Free weights.

I am going to try and work on my arms and upper body strength. This is for various reasons. Number one is to burn more calories. Number two is because it helps build up your bones. I am getting elderly, (heh heh heh) I don't want to get osteoporosis (or however you spell it.)to set in.

4) Pray more and read my Bible more.

I believe spiritual health and physical health go hand in hand.

5) Eat better.
I guess this goes without saying, but I thought I ought to say it anyway.

These are my very basic goals. Good luck everyone!


Donna. W said...

Great goals indeed!

jel said...

how are ya still going without COFFEE???????????

we have all ready seen 3 copperheads this year, :(

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Oh, man! No coffee?

You have some great goals! :)

Calfkeeper said...

Ha ha. I have survived quite well without coffee. I just drink tea instead.

Thank you all.

Jel-hubby's killed a couple copperheads already. In over 7 years here, I have yet to see a living copperhead. (fingers crossed behind back and all that...)