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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fat Tuesday-The Wednesday Edition

Yesterday morning, whilst I was out in the garden burning calories, my husband approached on the 4-wheeler.  I knew something was up. 

Yes.  He had this great idea.  He was in pursuit of yet another member to add to our Homestead....a bucket truck.  A bucket truck that was 150 miles (give or take a few) away.  Would I go with him?  Hmmm....

So yesterday, instead of blogging my Fat Tuesday post, I took a 300 mile round trip up north of Lake of the Ozarks.  And, yes, we now have said bucket truck.  That would be another story. 
For another day.

In the meantime.  I have had some Fat Tuesday successes and fails.

Exercise:  Success.  I have been keeping up with my walking fairly well.  Yes, I have.
And, as my reward, so far I haven't acquired any tick or chigger bites...yet. 
When I haven't walked, I have done my Santa imitation in the know, "hoe, hoe, hoe."

Heh heh heh. 

(That's actually my husband's joke, so don't roll your eyes at me, please.  Thanks)

Rigorous hoeing actually is great ab work; ask me how I know.  My abs are very sore.  I spend an hour or more out there hoeing; mostly weeds, but I have had to hoe out hills for squash...etc, too.

Then, here, I MUST confess.  There were a couple of days last week when it was way too stinky hot and humid to get outside and exercise.  So I turned on the A/C and exercised in the front room to a DVD. 

 Don't laugh too hard, but these are the guys I exercised with:

The Wiggles

Laugh all you want, but when you stop, remember; there's a reason these guys are so skinny.  If you do not know who they are you obviously don't have small children in your home.  And, truth to tell, you aren't missing too terribly much.  I actually think the show is rather asinine.  Ellen loves them however. 

Ellen has a DVD by title of "Hot Potatoes-The Best of the Wiggles."  There are 35 of their "most loved" songs on it, some 50 + minutes of dancing around. 

And really.  Do I want to watch some skinny chick (like Jillian somebody-or-another) dancing around in her tight clothes...the likes of which I'd never put on my body?

Or would I rather watch some vaguely attractive men dance around?

Men, it is. 

Besides, they have great accents.  No? 

Oh, the rest of my goals...

Well, mostly they fell by the wayside.  I have done some freeweight stuff.  I will have to post pics of that.  And I HAVE been praying and reading the Bible and all that too. 

Sugar avoidance?  Ummm...epic fail.

There's always this coming week.


(For some reason my text is centering itself, much like "The Lumberjack's Wife" blog.  I am not doing this in deliberate imitation of her.  But it seems to work anyway.)

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jel said...

I have seen them,

so did ya get the TV set up?