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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday-The Wedding Shower Edition

Hmmmm...yeah.  What do they serve at wedding showers?  Broccoli?  Carrots?  A nice fruit tray?

But, well.  It WAS Sunday afternoon.  And I had already decided that Sunday is the day of the week that I am going to cut myself a break and splurge a weeeeee tad.  So I had a cup of punch and a polite chunk of cake. 

It is gratifying to note that after a week of avoiding sugary things anything with sugar in it now tastes cloyingly sweet.

And I did try the Skinny Chunky Monkey cookies as suggested by the Lumberjack's Wife.  I will post a link if I ever get time.  Needless to say, with no eggs or sugar, they taste like a vegan dessert, but in a pinch they will satisfy your sweet tooth.  Hubby ate a couple and pronounced them "OK" and probably would eat them if there were nothing else sweet in the house.  But Ellen was totally unimpressed; "they taste funny."

Five year olds.  Gotta trust them to come out with the truth.

I have been faithful to exercise at least 5 days a week.  Except I may not get to today.  This morning I went a picked 2ish gallons of cherries.  (Thank You Lord for friends who will share their fresh fruit.)

The problem with that is once you get 2ish gallons of cherries you have to clean them.  These aren't the great big Bing cherries I am used to in the northwest; these are the little pie cherries.

Question for the week; How many pits in just 2 quarts of pie cherries?

Way too many. 


I am going to plant these cherry pits and attempt to grow my own cherry trees. 

Because I am crazy like that.

But, in the meantime here's some awesome, super, great news;

My diligence in counting calories and exercising is paying off.

At least 3 pounds gone!




Frau Guten Tag said...

I did the south beach diet back in 2007 & ever since then everything tastes waaay too sweet to me!

jel said...

Way too go! :) congats !!

Taylor said...

WooHoo! Congrats on your loss! I want cherry trees now. :)

Deb Kelley said...

Try lemon water. I love it. Have lost 30 lbs so far. It is not the only thing I am doing but yup it is working.