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Friday, February 6, 2009

This and That

It is warmer here in the Ozarks. After a snow and freeze that means that everything is squishy outside. But it is nice to be able to have the windows and patio door open and air things out in here.

Ellen is getting her 2 yr molars in (I guess that's what they are called) and is kind of grumpy. But so far she is sleeping fairly well during the nights. This might be because she isn't taking much of a nap during the day though. I guess it all equals out.

Our two main issues with Ellen now are:

1)She won't drink milk. I have kept her on the bottle WAAAAYYY longer than I ought to have for this reason. She will look dubiously into a cup of milk and then push it away. Refuses to even taste it. I figured once I took her off the bottle completely she would start to drink it. But no. Warmed up? Nuh-uh! Cold? Not a chance! In a sippy cup? Nope! With chocolate in it? A couple of sips and that's all. I give her cheese, yogurt and ice cream. That's all I can think of. Oh, and a supplement of course. I'll ask the doc at her next appointment and see what she says. What a problem to have in a child raised on a dairy.

2) She has a horrible temper. For the most part she is pretty quiet. But let something annoy her and she will grab the first thing that comes to hand and give it a fling, vocalizing loudly in some way at the same time. This is fairly normal for this age I realize, but still we are trying to address it NOW before it gets out of hand.


Donna. W said...

You just described my son at the age of two. Now he's almost 42 and he STILL hates milk.

He seems healthy, though. So I guess it's OK.

Oh yeah, he does like chocolate milk.

insideoutput said...

Ellen, I'm 50 and I love to fling things! Why I don't even have to be angry.

Dishes? Fling!
Paring knife? Fling!
Tools? Fling!
Chocolate milk? Fling!
Sofa? Fling!
Dog? Fling!
Screaming teenager? Fling!

My middle name is "fling"! The further I can fling it, the better!

Fling! Flang! Flung!

Calfkeeper said...

Donna-well, it's good to know you don't have to drink milk to make it to your 40s. Ha. Actually, hubby and I don't drink milk either. Only on the breakfast cereal.

DD-you are quite the flinger, aren't you?! I'll just bet your wife has something to scream about after you've flung her dishes about. Ha! I can just hear her now!

And I can only imagine what the teenager is screaming during a flinging session.