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Thursday, February 19, 2009


There hasn't been much going on in the dairy lately. Well, last week we did do some dehorning. We need to do more this week but hubby has been busy helping with this house that is going in a few miles away; he's hauled gravel and dug ditches...etc.

Recently an email pal and I were talking and we both discovered that our husbands are of the same mind in the changing of their daughters' diapers; they refuse to do so based on the fact that they don't think they ought to be "down there" on their daughters for any reason. Hubby doesn't even like being in the same room when I am changing her diaper. It doesn't bother me. He'd probably get it on upside down anyway. ha.

Last week at the business meeting at church I made the proposal that we ought to have quarterly Wed night youth meetings; in which the kids are in charge of the service and we do some fun activity. It being my idea of course, I am in charge of this. The 5 regular Wed night kids are thrilled with the concept and already have ideas for it. I am encouraged by this because I feel that the more they are involved the more they will feel they "own" their church, and their faith, and the more they will stick with it. If that makes any sense.

So our first Youth meeting will be a cookie swap; the Wed before Easter. I am praying it will go well.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd have difficulty changing my kids like that. Thankfully, I'll never have that problem. :)

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to see if anyone else has a husband who won't change diapers on a daughter.....