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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poo in a Purse

OK. I now know for sure that men never do grow up.

This past week hubby was down at the place where the renters used to dump all their trash. He found an old purse. Thinking back to his younger days he took it, put a couple of dried cow pies in it and put it out in the road.

This is an old country trick. You do this, hide in the bushes and wait for a car to come to a roaring halt and pick up the purse. You watch to see how far they go before the purse comes flying back out the window.

He didn't stay to watch, but the purse disappeared. It is nowhere to be found in either direction.

His theory;

"Wal, lookee here, here's a right fine purse I could give to Maw on Valentine's day. I'll dump out the poop and it'll look right nice for her."


Amrita said...

Oh your hubby has a real sense of humour. Good idea, might try it too

Calfkeeper said...

yes he does have quite the sense of humor. I never know what he might do.

Let me know how your joke turns out.

moe said...

This boggles my mind ! If he ever tells you to get something out his wallet, you should probably say "no; YOU get it".