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Saturday, February 7, 2009

More this and that...mostly Ellen again

Kids are so funny when they are starting to talk. I wanted to record a couple of Ellen's phrases.

"Watchuhdune?" This is the question she asked me this morning. She was sitting in her highchair coloring and while she was so occupied I hustled into the bathroom to clean the shower. As soon as she heard the spray hitting the shower stall I heard her little voice; "Watchuhdune?" Translation: "What are you doing?" I slid open one of the doors. Again the little voice answered; "Mommy clean shower."

"Em-eye-innaway?" Another question she asked me this morning. I had my feet up on the footstool and she wanted by. She gets this from my sarcastic (which I said I was going to try and avoid)question to her during our kitchen time. We have, as I heard a former music pastor say, a One-Butt kitchen. When two people try to occupy the kitchen at once there isn't much room to turn around. So anyway, while I am doing dishes she'll try and shove in and open the kitchen drawers to drag out various bits of flatware and other cooking items. So I would ask her: "Am I in your way?" Thus, now whenever anything in is her way, that is what she says.


Amrita said...

Oh that 's so sweet

Unknown said...

Ah! Too cute!!!

I know it's been way too long since I've popped on over. I have been thinking of you though! For some reason I honestly thought I'd have more time for the internet and blogging once the baby and I got back from the hospital! Ummm...WRONG!!!