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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Y'ain't from around here, are ye?"

"No, cousin, I am a gen-you-wine registered black angus from the upscale Blank Angus farm just west of here. I haven't a clue how I got here, this place stinks, you all are too tall and I want to go home NOW! BAWWLLL!!!"
This angus, on the right, got lost. Was in one of our pastures up the road and of followed hubby home when he brought a calf and cow back here from up there. He shut her up last night and left a message for her owner, but no response. He did call back this morning. He's in Montana and ranch hand in charge was out of town for a week. This is one of his three prize registered cows who might have a set of twins up the road. Great. Well, they are going to try and get her tonight, I believe.
When we first had her shut up back here (I took this pic early this AM, so their eyes are gleaming wickedly.) we were looking at her and thinking the same thing; hmmmm...nice steak potential. But we wouldn't do that to a neighbor.
It's funny how our cows had to come by and check her out. Anything out of the ordinary has to be investigated, plus she WAS pretty vocal about her plight. I dunno why the phrase "curious as a cat" came ought to be "curious as a cow." They check out anything new.

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