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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

West Coast Journey part two...A Lap Full!

Everyone generally asks how Ellen did on the plane. She did very well, much better than I had worried about. She sucked her thumb during take-off and then she'd go to sleep. A couple of times she was asleep before we even left the ground.

On the very first flight, from Missouri to Denver, I was very nervous about what to do with her, so I had packed a bunch of things for her to eat and do. Inside the airport she was still wide awake (even after a 3:00 AM awakening and an hour ride to the airport) so she played around a bit. Then, as we were sitting waiting to board, she decided to take a break and sit in my lap. About 30 seconds later I felt this warm and wet sensation on my leg. *sigh* Yes, a minute or so before they call for us to board she wets on my leg. It wasn't TOO terribly bad so I just wrapped her in my coat and figured I fix it in Denver.

On this first flight she stayed awake for the first half hour or so because she was hungry. Well, to make a long story not take applesauce as a snack for your baby. It's just not a good idea when she is a lap passenger, you will likely end up wearing much of it.

After she had eaten more manageable fare she finally fell asleep, at which point she drooled on my front.

So, in the first hour or so of my journey from the Mid-West to the West Coast I was peed on, applesauced on and spit on. A rather auspicious beginning.

In Denver I fixed the wet clothes situation (though by then they were dried). I had brought extra for the both of us in case something like that were to happen.

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Unknown said...

Oh! You are one lucky mama! Sounds like Ellen is quite a good traveler!!! What a sweetie!