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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back on the Dairy!

It's good to be back home...Dorothy had it right in the end: "There's no place like home." Even if it is hot and humid. But actually it's cooled down quite a bit here, so that is nice.

My traveling stories are still in the gel stage, but I will try and get them recorded as soon as possible. As a teaser though, here is a picture of Ellen at the beach. The whole time I was on the West Coast, both in CA and in OR, the weather was somewhat disagreeable, but I managed to find a fairly tolerable day and take Ellen to the beach while we were in CA. She loved the sand, look at her hands. In the background, through the fog, you can see what is called, "Trinidad Head," a large outcropping of rock that resembles a gigantic whale. That is where the lighthouse and fog horn are located. I grew up hearing the fog horn blatting on foggy nights. We were quite a few miles from it, but you can hear it for a LONG, LONG ways away.

Anyway, for now, I have changed my blog header picture, I think this one looks better with the trees leafed out.
Well, I have a garden to attend to, not to mention a house to clean. Back to you later.


Unknown said...

Welcome back!!!

Love the blog header, by the way!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip. My, how Ellen has grown since I first started reading your blog a few months ago!!!! She's stunning! XO

Anonymous said...

Yes CK, she IS stunning!

And so, my dear, are you!