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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dairy News

What has been going on here the past month or so?

Well...While I was out of town we got a new heifer calf. We got another one this past weekend. That will keep my in bottle calves for the next couple of months at least. The hay situation here isn't looking good; it has been too wet and our regular hay guy hadn't been able to cut it until late. Then when he did finally cut it the rain poured on it and we don't figure that he was able to get it very dry. We are figuring to have poor quality hay this winter.

Hubby, not content to rest on his laurels since his retirement from driving the school bus last October, has been busy with other things. His backhoe/rock hauling business is doing pretty well. It'll do better once the ground dries out. In the past month he has also got his ham radio license, though they haven't issued him his call letters yet. Plus he has been working on getting his certificate to work on water well pumps. For these last two he has had to go take tests. I read some of the questions they asked for the ham radio license and figured "better him than me" I couldn't make heads or tails out of some of the things they asked. I probably wouldn't know diddly about the stuff they asked on the pump test either, though he said it was open book most of the way.

I have been busy gardening mostly. While I was gone for two weeks the grass really took over the garden and it is long tiring work to eliminate it.

Well, the baby is fussy. More later.

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