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Monday, June 2, 2008

A Post From Portland

Here I am once again in the great North West. It is cool and cloudy here; I wish I could take this weather home with me. I have a couple of great stories to tell you, however, I want to wait until I get home so I can think and tell them properly; good stories have to gel a while until they come out right.

In the meantime my niece has officially graduated. The ceremony yesterday (yes, on a Sunday afternoon-held at a church) was quite the to-do, but more on that later as well. Now begins real life; I remember those days. I am glad they are over. When hubby and I were discussing this one day not long ago I said I wouldn't want to go back and be in high school again; he thought it might be fun. Hmmmm...



Amrita said...

have fun CK.

I am sure someone is looking after your farm while you all are away.

Calfkeeper said...

amrita-thank you. Yes, hubby is still down on the farm milking and graining and mucking.

C said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip and your time with friends and family!!!

Have fun and have a safe return home :)