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Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Fall Thoughts

Here's a shot of Ellen and Matilda. Ellen's shirt would not stay up on her shoulder, nor would Ellen herself look at or smile at the camera. Matilda wouldn't look at me either, so here you have an; "it is what it is" photo. Matilda is almost camoflaged in the leaves in the background.

* Ellen loves to go walking in the woods and pretend to go camping. I am pretty sure she learned this from Barney.

* We have a new lady on our mail route. Not just different, but new. New as in completely green to the job. Last Friday she delivered our mail at 8:55 PM. Yes, right as we were going to bed. Hubby had to get his boots on and go get the mail in his PJs. The next night it came at about 7 PM, I believe. I feel sorry for the lady, she's really sweet. But I hope she can pick up the pace a little bit.

* Firearm season is in full swing. Our renter and 2 of his buddies got 3 deer out behind the rental house. They were in 7th heaven; 2 does and a buck. I waver between hoping it wasn't either of the 2 little does who amble around here and hoping that it WAS them. We want to be able to get some produce from our garden next spring.

* I am seriously considering signing up for the Google application that puts your blog in PDF file as a book for you to print off. I also have thought going to a different site that has an app that will "slurp your blog" and, for a fee of course, will go ahead and let you edit text and photos and then print your blog as a book. But the app for that site has to be downloaded; an interminable task when you are on dial-up.


Frau Guten Tag said...

I can't see Matilda AT ALL, but this laptop/notepad thing I'm using has a really small screen. LOL

Unknown said...

Wow! There's a Google App for that!?

Oh my goodness! Ellen is all grown up!!! How on earth did that happen? When I first started following your blog, she was so teeny tiny!!

Where is Matilda? ;)

Calfkeeper said...

Matilda is right behind Ellen's left shoulder. She's looking the other way from the camera.

C-yes, you ought to publish Little One's story from your blog. Haha...Ellen just shot up over 3 years.