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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Pet Peeve

OK. I am sitting here typing on the computer, on my new blog, that is. Suddenly I hear someone driving in, really slowly. I watch through a window. Some guy in a truck.

He drives a big circle in front of the red garage. Then pulls up in the driveway behind the house.



Why do people do that? It's so Pavlovian. If you want to talk to someone, get your lazy butt out of the car and come to the door. For pete's sake! It just makes me MAD! I am not a dog to be whistled for! I just went and stood on the porch, made him turn off his truck to talk.


Rant over.



Frau Guten Tag said...

I totally agree, we all need to show each other some respect & common courtesy

Taylor said...

I have never heard of anyone doing that!

Calfkeeper said...

Frau-yes, I think you are right. It's not like we have a dog that was barking or something. I dunno, maybe he had some sort of physical problem. Oh, well.

Taylor-it seems fairly common around here. The county assessors did it as well, here a couple of months ago.