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Monday, November 8, 2010


OK. So I missed one day. It's a good thing I didn't get this blog entered into NaBlo. In the meantime, I just finished blogging on how to make brown sugar on my New2Me Recipes blog.

Here are a few random topics I thought I'd discuss.

1) I had never heard of a "plumber's friend" until I came here. Back where I came from we called them "toilet plungers."

2) Yesterday in church a neighbor, well, 5 miles or so down the road, asked hubby if the deer slept on our doorsteps. Ha ha. It would seem as though they do. Most any time you might drive here you will see deer, either in the pasture/garden area to the west, or out here in front of the house. There are 2 does that are so tame they don't even bother to run until you get 100 yards from them, maybe even closer.

3)These Asian lady beetles are out in full force today. It's warm, 70s or so, and all the bugs, wasps, grasshoppers...etc, are out for a last hurrah before winter sets in.

4)If I can remember to take a photo of it, I am going to blog on hubby's canteen in the next couple of days. Wooo!

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