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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Walk

Oh, dear. Yet again I am tardy in getting back to my blog here. "sigh*

Well, here's but one thing we have been up to.

The weather has finally improved enough for long walks. So last week I loaded Ellen up on the 4-wheeler and we went down into the creek bottoms for a walk. It was a lovely evening for a walk, but mostly Ellen wanted to throw rocks into the creek.

As usual, it was hard to resist skipping a few stones across the creek myself.

One fun part of going to the creek for me is seeing evidence of who else has been there. Here, for my convenient picture-taking, a turkey and a 'coon left some tracks side by side. I tossed in an AA battery for size comparison.

And what trip down to the creek bottoms could possibly be complete without a visit to the boneyard to remember the dearly departed? Yes, we recycle here on the dairy; ashes to ashes, dust to dust, cow to coyote...etc.

And now...owing to lack of time to continue my photo walking tour, I must bid you farewell.

We have been doing lots more than taking walks, I'll fill you in later.


Grammy said...

Hi, there,
I just happened upon your blog by looking up the expression (which I have heard all my 76 years and knew what it meant) "licking your calf over". What a delightful blog. I, myself, am a blogger as well. Please feel free to visit me at my blog, "Blabbin' Grammy" any time. I will be back.
Best regards to you,

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! What a great post! I cannot believe how big Ellen has gotten! How on earth did that happen? When I first started reading your blog, she was just sooooo wee!!

Wow! My former "city" self would never say anything like "She was just so wee"!!! LOL!