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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Early Spring Sunset on the Dairy

I figured it was time to change my picture up top there. I took this pic out in the west pasture a couple of weeks ago. The grass was just starting to get green but the trees hadn't leafed out yet. In point of fact, the trees STILL aren't leafed out yet. Spring has been slow to develop here this year. But I am hopeful that at least it won't freeze them all off like the past couple of years when we had a really early spring.

There isn't too much dairy news to talk about at this time. Well, let's see what I can come up with.

The two new bulls we got a few weeks ago have settled in pretty well. So far the one with the milking herd is fairly docile; just lays down in the corral and chews his cud. They don't get super mean until they are a bit older, so we shall see.

We moved 27 of 30 open heifers from their winter pasture here by the barns. They are now in Windyville. The other 3 are still here and need to be moved ASAP.

And that's about it folks, for dairy news.

In other news, hubby has been SUPER busy delivering gravel to folks around. This morning he took 3 loads to a cemetery in Buffalo. Last week he installed a culvert over by Windyville and he still needs to get more gravel over there. He has done a couple roadgrading jobs on driveways up from us. Now he has two folks wanting wells drilled sometime this spring or summer; new houses going in. One's just a mile or so west of us and they want a septic system, too. Yes, hubby will be busy the next few months.


Grammy said...

It's wonderful that he can get work during this time of economic downturn! That is great news.

Unknown said...

30 open heifers! What's your head count? Sounds like you guys have a large operation over there. We've got just over 100 head. We're not very big at all.

Hope you guys are doing well! XOXO