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Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Flying Frogs and Closed Apples

It's going to hit the 80s today. I planted more radishes and lettuce this morning. The first little crop of radishes are coming along great. My mother in law said she heard about radish sandwiches; butter two slices of bread, cover one slice of bread with sliced red radishes, top with other slice of bread, enjoy. Hmmmmm...I will feed one to hubby and see what he thinks.

Last week or maybe it was the week before we were working on getting the garden beds ready to plant. We had meant to burn them off to get all the weeds off, but believe it or not it was never dry enough, or not windy enough, to do so. So hubby just ups with the tiller and tills them anyway. (Now there's tons of ground up chickweed regenerating itself, but no time for that story now.) The next day I get out there with rake and shovel and pitchfork and start cleaning out the sod.

As I am working my way along I see this "thing" up ahead, like a little old dried up melon; it had a stem on it. I kept working toward it. Finally I got to it and picked it up. GAH! It was a dead frog, all bloated and black and the "stem" was the leg sticking up. I let out this sound, impossible to imitate or recreate, and flung it up in the air. Cute little living green frogs are delightful to try and hold, but dead ones I do not do. OK. So the frog flew. Yes, he did, the poor thing.


Whenever I give Ellen a few slices of an apple, I usually put the other half of the apple back into the little covered compartment of the fridge door. She knows this and often will go to the fridge, get the apple and gnaw on it. Sometimes she eats the whole thing, sometimes she finishes it, sometimes she puts part of it back.

At any rate, last night for some reason I'd put a whole apple in there. She takes it out, looks at it and says; "This apple isn't opened yet; it's closed." I had to laugh. Yes, that apple was closed.

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