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Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Friend

If you want yet another fun blog to follow; check out this one:

Blabbin' Grammy

A Grandma from Tennessee who blogs about life "back then" and now. Stop by and say hello.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I found your blog while checking in on Ruby's blog. What a cyber community we have here.

Your blog is newsy and friendly. Being part-Lakota and being the last of my family, I miss newsy. Hope you don't mind me visiting.

If you're of a mind, try a visit to mine : WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS :

The link is a courtesy to keep you from having to go to my profile, then hopscotch to my blog. My joints creak too much for hopscotch!

Have a loving week, Roland

Grammy said...

Thanks for the shout out about my blog, friend!
I look forward to visits, and I will be back to read more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I will visit!

Calfkeeper said...

Roland, thank you for visiting. Yes, I have lots of family who read this, so I try and give them newsy stuff. You are most welcome to return at your leisure.

Grammy, thanks for visiting. I will be by your blog as well.

TLW-hope you like it.

Unknown said...

I just checked out her blog! What an inspiration! My mother-in-law is only 65 and she refuses to even use a computer. We were going to buy her one, but she won't have it!