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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If not twins, then at least brothers...

Yesterday I reported on Facebook that I'd found twin bulls in the dry cow field. It seemed to me that they both came from Fluffy, who appeared to have deflated like a balloon, though there WAS this other cow over there with them all.

I took my camera this morning and here they all are...two cows and two bull calves...Fluffy is the cow in the background, with the white face.

Weeeelll...later on hubby went up there today to get them and he begged to differ. For one thing they are both quite large. For another, he says that other cow appears to have had a calf, though she doesn't have much of an udder and wasn't due until April, which is why I assumed Fluffy had had both calves. So we don't really know whose is whose or what's up or who's on first...etc. But at any rate, they were both sired by the same bull, so they ARE brothers.

While I was up there, the other cow got nervous and took off with BOTH of the calves:

It is not uncommon for a cow to steal a calf like this. But Fluffy made sure they wouldn't get far without her and she followed close behind.


Frau Guten Tag said...

this reminded me of "march of the penguins"--I'll never forget the scene of a penguin trying to steal another's baby cuz her own baby died.

Anonymous said...

My buddy was bottle feeding an orphan and put it into the pen where a young heifer had a new calf. The orphan learned if the new baby was sucking, he could slip in behind and have some of that,too. Stealing milk is so darn funny. The bottle baby is still getting bottle fed, but he is learning to be an opportunist!