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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hijacked Youth Service

On Wed night we had this Easter Cookie Swap Youth Service that I had planned at church.

I learned a couple of things at least.

One: Make sure there is a sign up sheet for different types of cookies to bring, otherwise you will end up with about 30 dozen chocolate cookies and only 2 or 3 other types. BOOOORRRRRING! At least I thought it was, I don't think the kids minded too much.

Two: Make sure the adults know this is to be a YOUTH service. No adult input allowed.

We have great musical talent in our church among the youth. A couple of them even write their own lyrics and music. So I'd asked them to lead the song service and to choose what type of Christian music they'd like to play and sing. To my annoyance someone told them to only do hymns. *sigh* That's old fogey music, but they did a great job of jazzing it up with elec guitars and drums...etc.

Then after the game one of the young guys got up and read off a devotional. I was impressed at his initiative to get up and do that in front of everyone in the first place. He did a great job. Then the younger ones were sent back to decorate cookies and the older ones stayed out front to play another song or two before they went back to do the cookie swapping. Bad idea on my part.

It was about 20-25 'til time to go at 8 PM. SOMEONE, whom I shall not name, but famed for his loquacity, came back and found me and asked if he could talk to them for 5-10 minutes. In complete innocence I said "Sure," and doomed them to a lecture. When I listened in on it after about 10 minutes he was going on about Samson and the jawbone of an ass. Not your normal Easter message, that's for sure.

Twenty minutes later at 8 PM the "5-10 minute" talk with the teens was still going strong. I was highly annoyed and told the other ladies in back there to make sure the teens got their cookies. Then I got out of Dodge before I said something rude.

I filled hubby's ears full when I got back home. He and his family got a good laugh over it; said it really took something to get me riled up! He advised I not do any blogging for a couple of days. Ha. Funny guy!

I didn't want the kids to get lectured by an adult at their youth service. It kind of ruined it for me, anyway. I hope they didn't mind. At least the little kids got to have fun, they missed the lecture. Some of the wonderful ladies did the Resurrection Egg story with them, then they hunted plastic eggs out back and decorated their cookies. One wanted to know when we could do it again. Heh!

Oh, well. Live and learn. At least it's over with and SOME of them had fun.

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jel said...

I bet i know who it was!

and i is sorry that it happen!