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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going "No 'Poo" and other "green" things...

Hubby and I have talked, in passing, about how huge our carbon print must be due to the fact that we don't have recycling here and our heating methods and such. So I have been doing some thinking on how to be more "Green."

Currently the only real "Green" thing I do is hang out laundry, instead of use the dryer.

So I have considered going "No 'Poo."

"What is that?" you may ask. Well, it's getting out of the shampoo addiction. Which to a certain degree makes sense. How long has the human race survived without commercial shampoo?

Here's a link on going No 'Poo.

In essense it says that what commercial 'poos do is strip your hair of natural oils, then your scalp overcompensates by producing more oils, then you 'poo again the next day and your hair gets dried out and THEN you put the fake stuff back in with conditioners. And you continue repeating the process. And in the meantime you have polluted the groundwater with all sorts of needless chemicals.

So a couple of months ago I thought I'd try it. But I think I did it wrong, because I didn't know the right ratio for the baking soda and water and I used straight white vinegar as a wash, instead of apple cidar vinegar, and it started bleaching the color out of my hair. HA! Apparently you go through a greasy stage where your scalp continues to overproduce oils until it finally balances out, but I didn't get to that stage. Perhaps I will have to try it again and do it properly as they describe in the website. I will let you know. It would certainly be cheaper. My boxes of baking soda are always expiring before I can use them completely.

There is one other "green" thing I have read about that I will certainly NOT be trying. I don't think I could get hubby to agree to it anyway. That would be using "humanure" on the garden.

Here's what Wikipedia says about "humanure."

Apparently you have to get a special kind of composter to process it properly. You don't use it raw. Urgh!

In the meantime I will continue hanging out my clothes in 29 degree F weather as my "green" thing.

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moe said...

My architecture dream is to have a bathroom (interior walls other than green colored)with a composting toilet, and a BIG bathtub, and windows leading out to the chicken area so a person can chicken view while bathing. YES. SOMEDAY.

Keep us updated on the shampoo weaning project because some of us are interested but very lazy.