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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watermelon Salsa and other things

Haven't had much time on computer lately and when I AM on here this blogger deal gives me a bad time. Doesn't like to take my posts for some reason.

Anyway. Mother in law had quite a few watermelons so I tried a new recipe; this watermelon salsa. It's pretty easy, but dunno what I will use it on. You can Google and get tons of varieties of watermelon salsas. This version actually has one cup of chopped cantaloupe to go along with the 3 cups of chopped watermelon.
Dairy news:
August was a new heifer calf month; we got 4 of them, about one every week seemed like. Then I went up the road yesterday and there is yet another little heifer up there. Plus there are about 2 or 3 other cows close to calving. Hopefully a couple of them will be bull calves, we are running out of room for heifers.
We had two escapee incidents last week. One was caused by a dead tree falling on the fence. Hubby went out and there were 6 weaner calves trotting around by the hay shed. They were relatively easy to round up, but then there was the fence to repair.
The other incident was when hubby went to get a cow and calf pair. Usually we can put the calf in a trailer behind the 4-wheeler and the cow will follow along. He will then lead the cow from one field to the other through the gates. This time it didn't work and he spent an hour chasing the cow up and down the road along the fence line. He finally came and got me to help, after he had worked himself into a frenzy. I didn't say anything because he was already grumpy but my question was why didn't he come get me sooner? In these cases usually it's because you KNOW that the dumb cow KNOWS exactly where she needs to go but she won't go in the 7 foot wide gate because she wouldn't want to do anything convenient for you, so she runs up and down the fence row rubbing on the barbed wire and bloodying herself up trying to get in that way. You just keep on because you are SURE that she will eventually hit the hole on accident.
Ellen news:
Ellen still is cruising around the furniture; refuses to let go and walk on her own. I can hold out my hands to her a couple feet away and beckon her to come to me, but she just shakes her head, "no."
She is at the whiny stage and it's driving me nuts. When something won't do what she wants it to do for her, she starts to whine and carry on.
She now has a trick that just cracks me up; she likes to get into the laundry basket and find a pair of my underwear; she puts them around her neck and crawls through the house as proud as a peacock. I take them away and she squalls, so I just give her a clean pair and let her have her fun.
Books are one of her favorite entertainments. She loves to look at them and she has 6 or 7 favorites that she will bring to me to read to her. She especially likes this Old Mother Goose nursery rhymes book that someone gave to her. She has me read it to her a dozen time a day. I have them all memorized. I still am thinking of my own rhymes to write for her.


Solomon said...

The watermelon salsa looks lovely.

C said...

The watermelon salsa looks great! I've had it with grilled or baked fish and I have even had it on grilled chicken. Very tasty! It goes well with BBQ shrimp too if you like seafood.

When does your calving season start? I won't even get into talking about our cattle. They've been soooooooooo naughty! The girls and their calves have been jumping (errr...going through) electric fences and giving us such a rough time this summer...and they have great pasture! They just want what's on the other side of the fence all the time!

Calfkeeper said...

Thanks solomon.

c-I will have to try some on fish, I guess.

We usually just calve all year 'round. Yes, I know how they can be; the girls like to go on little jaunts into the countryside on occasion. Once they learn they can get out, they make a habit of it. HA!