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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall is finally here...

The acorns are clunking onto the buildings. The leaves are falling, though they haven't started to turn nice colors yet.

I dug my sweet potatoes week before last and have used a few of them. I got about a 5 gallon bucket of them. They are nice to have on hand, so expensive in the stores. I made some sweet potato biscuits. They are pretty good, husband liked them.

Ellen has learned how to open the fridge. So far she hasn't made a habit of it, but soon I will have to install a lock on the door. One of her "things" now is getting into the laundry basket, finding a pair of my underwear, sticking her head through a leg hole and wearing them around. I now make sure and put a clean pair on the edge where she can get them. She has figured out how to get in and out of her rocking chair and likes doing that off and on. She has figured out how to get off of the little rocking pony, but she can't figure out how to get back on so she sits there and howls until I put her on. Fortunately she gets tired of that game after a few on and offs.

Husband has been busy with his other business. He actually used the road grader last week. He also installed a pump and all the hookups and gadgets in a new well, plus he hauled a couple loads of gravel and a load of topsoil. But he says the topsoil is pretty much kaput where he is getting it, so he won't haul any more of that I don't believe. Oh, yes, and he sold a bunch of pipes and wires to get a mobile hooked up for a guy.

The cows have been busy too. I now have 8 heifer calves on the bottle, plus we have sold a couple of bulls, with another little bull out there to go just as of yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I love the thought of your daughter with your underwear on her head. I used to steal my mother's shoes and wander up the garden in them. And I used to spend hour pulling her tights (I think you call them pantyhose?) off the washing line.

How they laughed... :D

Amrita said...

Are you on the new fall time, an hour later?

Ellen is having fun. Its the time of exploring.

Lots to do on the farm

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-ha ha. I bet you were cute in those shoes. yes, tights or pantyhose, are fascinating to kids; fun and stretchy.

amrita-time hasn't changed for us yet. Soon though. Never a dull moment on the farm.