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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fire from the garden...

This past spring my pen pal from the Czech Republic and I exchanged seeds. She sent me a packet of pepper seeds; called ram's horn or paprika peppers. I can't find the packet at the moment to tell you for sure. I decided to grow them and planted a bunch of them. I had never grown peppers from seed before and was pleasantly surprised they turned out so successfully.
Now, however, they are producing quite profusely and I am not sure what to do with them.
As my husband would say, they are "firecracker" hot, and we don't "do" hot and spicy stuff. I cut up a few of them to freeze (I do that with my green peppers too. Frozen peppers do well in stir fries and other cooked dishes) and didn't use gloves; my hands burned for 3-4 hours afterwards; a lesson learned. I have given some away to folks at church and to a neighbor, but these 6 or 7 plants are producing so abundantly I am afraid I am going to have to toss some of them. Maybe I will freeze some more of them. I wish I could find a fancy decorative jar and figure out how to pickle some; they are beautiful and would look nice in on the shelf.


C said...

Ooooooooooh!!! I LOVE THAT! I've been told that since I'm pregnant, I shouldn't be eating too much spicy food. The only problem is that I'm CRAVING spicy food! Mexican, Korean, whatever...just as long as it's got some kick to it!

My husband, being the country boy that he is, only got introduced to all things spicy after we got married. Now even he puts spicy peppers and hot sauce on everything! LOL!

Don't get me wrong...I don't like it tooooo spicy that it detracts from the flavour of the dish. Just some kick and I'm good!

We grew Hungarian peppers and some other spicy peppers and they turned out, we didn't get as many as I had hoped for! Your peppers look amazing!!!

Solomon said...

Soak them in some vodka, and give it as Christmas presents. It's apparently quite popular.

jel said...

you could dry some and then hang them , they are purty to look at!

i will see if dh want any , i'm not a pepper person, unless it is a Dr.Pepper ;)

thanks for stopping by!

Calfkeeper said...

c-ha, good for your hubby for trying new things. Mine's a pretty good sport about new things too.

solomon-hmmm...had never heard about that. What would one do with vodka soaked hot peppers I wonder?

jel-yes, I want to try drying and hanging some of them. That would be nice. Plus I think you can grind some of them up and use in combination with other ingredients to make a bug repellant to spray on your plants.