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Thursday, October 4, 2007

More of What I Have Learned on the Dairy

As the years go on I keep learning new things here; not all of it has to do with bovines.
Here are a few more things. I will keep you posted as other things come up.

1) Cows can walk up stairs.
2) With the right motivation cows can walk backwards down stairs as well.
3) A pack rat is a very large beastie; close to the size of a squirrel.
4) An agitated pack rat running straight at you takes on the dimensions of a VW Bug.
5) A 24 hour old calf can outrun a 40 something year old male and leave him in the dust.
6) A 24 hour old calf can contain a lot more poo than you would think.
7) A 24 hour old calf is already an expert at sharing its poo; and is very generous at spreading it around.
8) Training a calf to take a bottle is a task to be dreaded.
9) A bull is an obnoxious, ornery, ungrateful, unpredictable, dangerous (...etc) wretch.
10) No matter how you shout, wave your arms, rev your 4-wheeler and otherwise make a fool of yourself in public, a bull in the middle of the highway will not move.


photowannabe said...

Well calfkeeper I would say they were lessons well learned. Better you than me!!!
Well written and kept me wondering what would happen next.

moe said...

Please tell us more about cows walking up and down stairs, about DH's 2nd job, & about the baby. If you just lie about the details, you can still maintain anonymity, you know!

Enjoying the cow stories. Used to work on a cattle feedlot in Texas & it brings it all back except the smell.

Jim said...

You have a nice blog. JEL showed some of us how to reach you.
I like cows, I had one in 4H, she was a Brown Swiss named Brownie.
My dad appropriated her when I left the farm, I think he footed everything for her, including the purchase price when she was a calf.

I grew up in Nebraska, in the hills north of Omaha.
My grandfather Corkill moved to Missouri, some place in the Ozarks when I was small.
It seems to have been Urbana, I just remember there were trees everywhere and we went to a fish hatchery.

My cow friends are Irish. I have posted pictures and 'about' them on my blog
at (you can paste these two lines in):

Calfkeeper said...

Thanks to all for visiting and for commenting on my various posts here. I appreciate it.