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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cooking on the Dairy-Chapter Two

This unfortunately won't be as amusing as my gelatin caper story. It has taken me so long to post this because I wasn't able to make it into a funny story, mostly it is just odds and ends.

More blunders:

My mother says I have always been the type of person who wouldn't try to do anything unless I was sure I was doing it correctly. I guess that is true. I haven't really made too terribly many blunders in cooking, but then again I am only a bit less than 3 years along in my marriage and cooking career. So, I am sure there are more blunders on the way. Here are the ones that stick out in memory.

About 2 years ago I was making scalloped taters and read the recipe wrong. Please note: a whole tablespoon of pepper will totally ruin your scalloped potato casserole.

My mother in law has this apple salad recipe that she makes. It involves chopped apples, raisins and mini marshmallows. The dressing is Miracle Whip style salad dressing with sugar and a tad of vinegar. A bit after we first got married my husband requested this salad. My MIL told me the ingredients but I did not ask about quantities. I whipped it up; just adding and stirring as I went. When I tasted it I knew I had been too generous with the vinegar. Unfortunately I did not have another apple in the house but was determined to have this salad for supper. So I rinsed off all the dressing and started over. One of my friends said, "You rinsed off .75 worth of dressing to save .10 worth of apple." Ha!

Oops..the baby needs her bottle. Coming soon....zucchini pie.


moe said...

A pregnant friend told me that the scariest thing about being almost a mom was the idea of having to think up 3 meals per day for the next 18 years. I told her that luckily kids want to eat the same things over and over anyhow, so you really only have to think up about 7 meals. And then there is always "breakfast for dinner"(pancakes!) and "buffet" (Things Cut Up On Plates; the child gets a toothpick to eat with. Really it should be called "happy hour menu" but the grandparents might wonder.)

photowannabe said...

I think you were quite resourceful in saving the salad. maybe a bit wasteful on the dressing but you saved the dinner.