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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hot Diggity!! An Extra Fifty Minutes!!

For the past 26 years; even before my husband started the dairy, he has driven the school bus for the local school district. Yesterday he officially retired. This will mean many things for us, but uppermost on my mind is that we get to sleep in an extra 50 minutes in the mornings.

You see, in order to get the little kiddies to school on time he had to do the milking pretty early. For the past 26 years he has been eating his cornflakes at around 3:15 AM every morning on school days! When I came on the scene about 3 years ago the concept of a 2:55 AM arising was daunting. But I eventually adjusted; however groggy I was during the day. I take the occasional nap, but I never know when he might pop in and have me do something; oh, like drive the tractor to tow him on his motorcycle to get it going, or chase a wayward calf or whatever. There are no end of surprise chores on a dairy.

On the weekends, during school vacations and over the summer he still prefers to get done early with the milking and be able to get on with other things, so we still get up pretty early: 3:45 AM. But it is incredible the difference that 50 minutes makes, I am not half as tired and I don't really feel the need for long naps.

So, I am celebrating an extra 50 minutes of sleep; yes, sleeping in until 3:45 AM is a welcome luxury. The kids won't miss him for too long (so he says) and we won't be zombies during the day.

Hot diggity!!

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Anonymous said...


lets all do the smartypants dance!


I didn't think he would do it, but I didn't think he would get married or little long had a kid !
who of thunk it! but I do belive you 2 were made for each other! :)