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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Chocolate Dream

The Chocolate Dream

Yesterday morning a bit before I got up I had a random, strange dream.  I was at a university and had to go to the bathroom.  I went into a building, up on maybe the 2nd or 3rd floor, down to the far end on the left where, presumably, there was a restroom.  I followed a couple through some doors and found myself in a chocolate candy store.   The couple spoke to the clerk, who then disappeared into the back, also to the left.  I sat on a stool, presumably to wait for the clerk so I could ask to use the restroom.  I watched the couple wander around, then I got up and wandered around myself.  There were actually very few confections in this store; just chunks of unwrapped chocolate lying around mostly, and some unwrapped chocolate sculptures on random shelves and displays. 

The clerk finally came back and handed the couple a package wrapped in butcher paper.  Like he had had to slice their chocolate to specific cuts; something like in a meat store.

Then the clerk disappeared into the back again; I assumed he thought I was with the couple because we'd come in as a threesome.  And then somehow, in that vague, foggy, dreamish way, I ended up holding the butcher paper-wrapped chocolate and watching the couple disappear out the door.  I took off after them to catch them, chased them across the mall, watched them go down a flight or two of steps and exit the building.  Then I saw them disappear into a large crowd. 

I stood there, holding the butcher paper-wrapped chocolate and wondered what to do.  Finally I decided to go back to the chocolate store, pay what they paid for the chocolate, and take it with me.  I figured they would come back to the store to get their chocolate and the clerk could give them a new cutting of it. 

Then my alarm went off and I had to get up; disappointed.  I'd lost my quarry and didn't get to eat any chocolate.  What a dream. 

I guess I could take it at face value, but somehow it seems like the beginning of a great mystery.  Like: what if there were jewels molded into the chocolate in the butcher paper?  Haha..

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