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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fun with a Wildlife Camera

(This post was started back in April.)

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law saw that a rotten log out back of their house had been torn into; like huge chunks ripped out of it.  She was kind of nervous about it; even though we told her it was probably a woodpecker.

So Gary, with his own curiosity in mind also, went off and bought a trail camera or game camera or wildlife camera or whatever you call it.  Here is what he caught ripping into the log:

Yep.  What we suspected.

He set the camera in the creek bottom, somewhere along the actual creek bed, I believe.  He caught this:

Then I took the camera down near the river and got a whole lot of nothing.

I took it back down to the river and put in a different place.  Here are a few of the pics I got.

The day the deer came the camera actually caught more than 20 pics of them.  It got quite a few more of the turkeys as well.  What you can't see in the pics is that there is a small spring trickling down there along where the turkeys are lined up in the last pic.  I think that attracted them. 

We had to recharge the batteries for the camera.  Gary wants me to put it out again, but I dunno where.  We want to figure out how to get it to take pics at night, or videos.  I just haven't had time to truck it down there again.  Plus it's probably grown up quite a bit now, not to mention the ticks are out.

Well, when I get a chance I will take it down there again. 

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