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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bye Deuce

We sold all the of puppies.

 And even Deuce.

I sorta miss Deuce.  We had him about days less than a full year.  I feel like I failed him; but we just don't have the time to train the dogs and he was starting to be aggressive toward Bella.  Like he was jealous of her and/or didn't have patience with her air-headedness.  I'd have them out on leashes and he'd just up and attack her for no reason.

Anyway; he went to a family with two kids so he will get all the attention.  He was just eating it up when they were here to pick him up.

But now we are back down to just Bella.

And now just Bella and I go on our rambling walks again; free from any aggravating males.  Bella loves to chase squirrels; Deuce never tolerated that. 

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