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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finishing the 990s....

A couple of days ago I realized that the beauty of doing this One Thousand Gifts countdown on a blog is that you can just use pictures for your gifts.  How super easy is that!?

996. Surviving is a good thing.  January 15, 2015 was an eventful day, to say the least.

995. 50 degree temps in the dead of winter.

994. When we sing a popular song in church that everyone knows and EVERYONE actually sings out loud.

993. A slow cooker!  Dump stuff in, turn on and go live your life while dinner cooks!  How much easier can it get?

992. Getting letters in the mail.  I need to work on writing more snailmail letters to my pals.  I think most of them have given up on me anyway.

991. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movies  -I know they didn't follow the books exactly and there are parts they added that I don't care for, but there are scenes I watch over and over.

990. Homemade hot chocolate; not those nasty packets from the store, but the real things you add yourself: milk, cocoa, sugar.


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