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Friday, August 6, 2010

Shirt-tails, Lost Dogs and a Lesson

A couple more sayings for you:

"His shirt-tail doesn't hit his butt, 'til he finds someone to tell his tale to."

This one has to do with a gossip. Obviously this dates from way back since nowadays when someone gets juicy news all they have to do is whip out their cell phone, ticky-tack a few buttons and have all their contacts informed.

"Its a poor dog who can't find his way back home."

This one hubby quoted at me today after I told him what had happened. We had a couple of dudes fly out here to conduct some business with hubby. They landed in Springfield at about 11:30 AM and then had to fly back out at about 5PM.

They were through talking at about 2:35 PM. Hubby left. At 3:00 PM, one of them knocks on the door:

"Hi, um...I am having trouble getting my GPS to give me directions back to the airport. When I enter the airport address it just gives me this weird message."

"Ah," I say. "Yes, the terminal out there is new, I don't think they have had time to update the info into the GPS system."

Blank look.

The poor guy was absolutely lost. Had no clue how to backtrack his way back to the airport. I had to give him directions, which he had to write down...HORROR OF HORRORS...with a pen and paper!

I had to resist the uncharitable urge to throw myself down on the ground and roll around laughing. After all, this could someday happen to me, too.

Lesson: When heading out into the boondocks and you have a really tight schedule, don't rely totally on your fancy gizmos, they may fail you. After all you don't want some kind of "Deliverance" scenario to develop. WRITE DOWN THE DIRECTIONS, THEN YOU CAN BACKTRACK!

Hubby did call him about 40 minutes later and the guy was almost to the airport, so it turned out OK.

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Grammy said...

Ha ha! Just too funny! I love it! And I have heard both those sayings, and they are quite true! Best regards to you, friend. Ruby