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Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing the book to our newest "family" member...

Yes, we have a new "family" member here on the dairy. Note the quotation marks. He's a pretty big dude, but will come in handy here. We still have fallen trees from the ice storm 3 years ago that need to be cleared up. Forgive me for not having a picture of him to post yet.

However, above you can see a shot of his service manual. Inside this service manual, at the very back, is his operation manual. Do not confuse the two, as I would have. The operation manual is only maybe 1/2 inch thick. The rest of the monster manual is all about servicing him.

This manual pictured above did NOT come with him. Take a guess how much this would cost if you bought it from the manufacturer.

Come on...just pull a figure out of the air.

I didn't come very close to it when hubby had me guess. I made what I thought was a preposterous guess and gasped when I was way under.

Here's a hint. Hubby went online and found a place that dealt in used machines and manuals. He paid about $70 for the manual and shipping.

He saved himself a hefty chunk of change.

Have you guessed something yet?

Are you tired of me leading you on like this?

Hmmm....that book up there on the chair goes for about $690! That would be way over $700 to get it shipped here.

Can you believe that?!


My hubby is such a frugal shopper.

Oh, the newest member of the family is a Caterpillar bulldozer. He's pretty handsome sitting out there in the hay shed. I'll post a pic of him for you in a few days here.

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Frau Guten Tag said...

wow, that is totally insane IMO