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Friday, August 6, 2010

Another new member of the family...

Hubby put the dozer in the shed, so I can't really get a good picture of him, yet. But here is the trailer that will carry him around. It's called a "lowboy." I asked why that particular moniker.

The answer is that this is lower than a regular semi trailer. OK. I will take hubby's word for it. To me a trailer is a trailer...some are longer, some are different colors, some have sides. know.

In any case, it is our newest acquisition.

What other news can I share? Hubby said that one juicy piece of news that we have cannot be shared with anyone. Therefore I am disappointed because I had a great idea of how to share it. Oh, well. (No, it does NOT have anything to do with babies)

We have a new heifer to milk. But the calf was dead.

I have a new cold.

Today Ellen got to reading a toy catalog and, of course, wanted everything in it. I finally told her; "Ellen we don't have the money."

Ellen knew better. She went to my purse, got out a dollar bill, brought it to me along with the magazine. "Here's the money, Mama, where's my toy?"

*sigh* I can see that I shall have my hands full sooner than I'd thought.

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Taylor said...

Sounds busy over there! Now I am curious to hear your big news :)