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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Rough Dairy Day

OK. I only have 6 minutes to blog...where do I begin?


Friday: we got a new calf from #87 who was VERY attached to calf. We brought cow and calf in. Put calf in pen. Sunday: #87 decided calf must be back where she gave birth to it, so broke down fence to get back there...almost a mile back up the road. Hubby took calf back up to her yesterday.

Sunday: I found different cow, fondly called Tornado Head, with a stillborn calf. Cow will not leave site for 2 days, even though hubby drug dead calf away.

Today. I went up to do feeding. Heifer #75 in labor, making no progress. Tornado Head still refuses to leave birth site, she's looking pretty rough. #87 has hidden calf.

We bundle Ellen off to her Grandma's and go do some cow chasing.

We get #75 back to farm here, hubby has to pull the calf. Nice heifer calf, but #75 refuses to have anything to do with it. (Meaning I have to clean all the yuck off of it, thaw colostrum to feed it...etc) Back we go up the road to the dry cow lot to round up Tornado Head. We get her back with no problem.

Hubby goes back yet again to try and find #87 and her calf. Can't find calf. Tries to chase 87 back to barn. No dice. She breaks down a fence and runs up and down highway a while. Breaks down another fence to get in with dry cows. She ends up standing in pond staring hubby down. He gives up.

Later: I go out to give Tornado Head and #75 some water. I have to open gate, Tornado Head has to stand up. She starts switching her tail and covers me in all kinds of unmentionable yuck. Nice.

That was our day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought my life was crazy. :)